John Frey Studio for Actors

Acting is the art of not acting.

NYC Acting Training Program in Lisbon

An exciting new training program based on the Meisner Technique that allows the actor to develop a solid foundation for the art of acting and teaches the fundamental tools necessary to work on a professional level in theater, film and television.

The first part of the course focuses on a series of improvisation exercises aimed at building a truthful acting instrument, learning to work from the heart not the head and creating spontaneous emotional reactions to what is happening to you in the scene - "Acting in the moment ".

The second part of the course focuses on scene study, script analysis and building a character. Students will learn the fundamental tools of the Meisner Technique to craft a scene and build a character, step by step, from the first reading to performance level. At the end of the program the actors will present a "theater showcase" for the general public.

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